Be Aware

“The greatest of faults…is to be conscious of none.” – Thomas Carlyle

Do you feel you’re not effectively responding to the threats and opportunities that your business faces?

What stops us from responding quickly and efficiently? It may be that we don’t find the time to explore the issues or our team is just not cohesive or strong enough for a swift response. If you don’t see threats and opportunities coming up fast enough it can have serious repercussions and even harm the long term prospects for your business. Be Outdoors can help you to see the signs and respond efficiently and in a timely manner.
We have to be vigilant and strong to survive in the jungle which is the business world. Be Outdoors will challenge you to increase your endurance and awareness skills. We will show you how to relate these skills to your business environment. You will also deepen your awareness of who you are and what you have to offer. Has your business truly been discovered yet? Is your branding and marketing really getting your message across?

Some of the activities we offer to help you get in touch with your awareness include:

navigation and map reading, problem solving games, trust and team building workshops, wilderness training, bushcraft and survival skills – shelter building, Firelighting, foraging, plant ID and animal tracking, resilience coaching, creative and marketing coaching.