Be Yourself

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw


When was the last time you felt you could really be who you truly are? When was the last time you or your team had some fun?
As an adult finding the time to just be yourself can be harder especially if we have to work long hours in a challenging job. Our lives become stressful and this is all the more reason to find downtime, release from everyday pressures and do something we enjoy. When we were children we learned through play, but as we go through adulthood the opportunities to play often decrease and we may become burdened with responsibilities or just lose touch with our child-like side. Be Outdoors offers you opportunities to allow you reconnect with the playful and curious side of you.
Having fun and learning new skills can be transferred to everyday life, it allows you to explore things,  gives you a fresh outlook and renewed energy as well as making you feel more focused and grounded. The activities we offer can also combat stress and lift mood, stimulate your imagination and the ability to problem solve.
Having fun as a team, sharing laughter and finding solutions to problems together will bring you closer and increase trust and empathy. Uniquely, Be Outdoors can also offer you the chance to take part in organised activities with friends, your children and partners.

Some of the activities we offer to help you get back in touch with yourself include:

Nordic walking, treasure hunts, nature quests, paint balling, quad biking, guided meditation and mindfulness, wild yoga, hypnotherapy and NLP.